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    PullusPardus's Wall

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    < vivster posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Aaaaaaaaand he's gone again


    on 23 January 2018

    and gone again

    on 25 January 2018


    on 20 February 2018

    < outlawauron posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Hey Pullus...

    Speak and he comes.

    on 16 January 2018

    < Ruler posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    i thought about you when i saw this news so i made a thread in vgchartz


    < noname2200 posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's Steam Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!


    < VXIII posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    We need to talk .. I feel offended, you need to apologize

    Also, what are you doing in UK, the weather is getting better in Kuwait.Now we have a waterfall and all.


    on 23 September 2014

    In the Avenues mall, near the parkings:p

    on 25 September 2014

    That mall will take over the whole country someday. last time I saw it, it was huge.

    on 25 September 2014

    < padib posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    That video by brother Rachid is a strong message.

    Always find you in the strangest places Padib.

    on 16 January 2018

    It is like easter eggs all over the place, and easter all over again.

    on 21 January 2018

    Interesting, I think this was before your happy dolphin faze.

    on 22 January 2018

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Is she the 4chan girl?


    on 31 August 2014

    Ok then ^^

    on 31 August 2014

    */v girl

    on 20 October 2014

    Vivian or whatever :P

    on 20 October 2014

    lol, just a tad late Ren =P

    on 20 October 2014

    almost 2 months isn't late at all :P

    on 20 October 2014

    < amp316 posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Damned Nintendo fanboy...

    In b4 ban.

    on 29 July 2014

    I read your comments with Sean Connery's voice

    on 29 July 2014

    Thank goodness for that. If you didn't, they would sound as cool.

    on 29 July 2014

    < Ps3 posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Victoria Justice - Best Friend's Brother


    < Zappykins posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    And one for you!


    on 21 March 2014

    < Zappykins posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Thanks for the friend add! Have a great Gaming weekend of fun.

    < miz1q2w3e posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Is it just me or did you move?

    So long, rich Kuwaiti prince of vgc.

    on 14 March 2014

    Kind of did, I just need to finish my degree there :)

    on 15 March 2014

    < Anfebious posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    I better brace myself...

    I actually got banned for dissing Uncharted twice, they think i'm trolling but people are coming to their senses recently calling it "unchartification of gaming" -shrugs-

    on 27 February 2014

    That's why you have to vote for kirby007 for mod! No more silly bans!

    on 27 February 2014

    < VXIII posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Pullus check @beyond_gaming on Instagram if you are interested.

    < Nintentacle posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Almost 700 games... with an average score of 10...

    I haven't added a game to the collection in years, i have much more games than that , and the game ratings are only for games that i fully enjoyed.

    on 03 February 2014


    on 03 February 2014

    < pezus posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    The Playstation Nation GOTYs are a go! Pick your nominees here: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=156117&page=1

    *This automated message was sent to you because you are a member of the Playstation Nation

    < Xen posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Well done with the "qutting hardcore gaming" thread, I gotta agree with you on most things there (I posted about it).

    How are things going aside from a gaming "purification"? (had one similar to yours late in high school, purged many western games to ebay).

    I've been doing really good actually, trying to focus more on my health at the moment since I've been ignoring myself for awhile (has nothing to do with gaming, actually more to do with university) , going to graduate soon and study Engineering (software or hardware can't decide yet) , still a loner, since I keep getting distracted , can't keep a relationship but that's fine really.

    I've actually been doing this for quite awhile not just recently, just now I felt bored so i wanted to write about it lol

    on 28 October 2013

    Hey, changed location to Britain. Nice!
    Graduate with a degree in what, though? Bachelor of (some kind of) engineering and you intend to start a masters' ?
    Good luck with your health, I'm going through a bit of a trying time, so I'm trying to eat better myself.

    I feel the need to write about the same frequently, but I'm either too lazy, or it just turns out extremely hateful and acidic. But indeed, it needed to be said for some of those games. Fucking QTE's dude... oh my god.
    Also, the blind love for Uncharted among most people here is staggering. Last (or early this year) I played GOTY 2009 UC2. Do you think it was anything near worthy of GOTY? No. It's Worthy of an 8/10, in the best case. Mostly a senseless bore, I'd say.

    on 28 October 2013

    I'm graduating from Law and yeah starting with masters, some people think that graduation and post graduation is a waste of time, but I really like to learn things, so even after masters i'll probably continue studying, funny thing I hate exams with a passion, I like learning but dislike when I fail because i didn't express myself the right way.

    what are you doing with health ? i'm eating mostly veggies, with fish and avoiding Milk and Beef, working out a lot, I've actually lost a lot of weight when I came to UK so much that I had to buy a lot of clothing again (even though I am totally broke lol) , I look like a hobo right now with large clothing.

    yeah, I really never understood the hype for these games they're not the bestest things in the world like most people make them to be, and a lot of people here thing i'm just a hater.

    on 28 October 2013

    Post graduation a waste of time? Hah. They couldn't be more wrong, especially if you want prospects for a nice job in Europe. I like learning, too... not a fan of tests either. Frequently there is some kind of lame trick in them.

    I eat lots of fish, veggies/fruit, drink a lot of tea (green, with lemon), though I do get a balanced portion of white meat and dairy... gotta get that protein and calcium some way other than fish and nuts... too lazy for exercise, though. It's not like I lead a stationary way of life, either, so it works out.

    Hype is rarely justified though... I mean, even Ryse has hype. Think about it.

    on 29 October 2013

    Actually, what am I saying? You understand my thoughts of Ryse :D

    on 29 October 2013

    Keeping on the topic... BF4 has hype... look at some of its single player, just disgusting and pretentious... I promise this is my last post for now :D

    on 29 October 2013

    Yeah and those threads about BF4 PS4 vs XB1, really...
    that game looks very generic.

    on 29 October 2013

    It doesn't look like much above current gen, really... but their tryhard soldier acting is the shit that pisses me off.

    I'm still interested in a full-blown GENUINE comparison to see just how much of an advancement from 7th gen we'll have. So far it seems like... not much at all.

    on 29 October 2013

    and they added a female soldier that always talk about how much of a woman she is and reminds everyone, she's a cookie cutter stereotypical character.

    on 29 October 2013

    Forgot to add that I've stopped with all junk food completely, but I suppose that's obvious :P

    Thankfully, I missed the female soldier bit. Sounds painful.

    on 29 October 2013

    < Jay520 posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    I'm curious, what did you think of The Last of Us?

    at first I thought it was an Uncharted but in a different setting, it starts really slow at first and I disliked it, had run into a lot of glitches (that most people don't believe me) , but after that long start I actually started enjoying it, I wouldn't call it "Citizen Kane" of games , not by a long shot, but its pretty enjoyable.


    I like the interactive/ stealth parts more than the "Shoot a lot of humans" parts that kind of like uncharted.

    on 28 October 2013

    That OP deserves a friend request :)

    Thanks mate =]

    on 28 October 2013

    < BasilZero posted something on PullusPardus's wall:

    Yeah I dont like that Google is forcing us to change our names or associate our Google+ accounts with our YouTube accounts.

    Funny thing is I already had a google+ account that was associated with my youtube....now cause of this recent change, I now have two Google+ pages....for the same channel >__>.

    They made me make one which I wont even use l0l.

    on 22 October 2013

    But its funny how you can have multiple Google+ pages for the same account.

    on 22 October 2013

    Actually, make that 3 since I made another one few months ago...but decided not to go on it....ugh XD.

    on 22 October 2013

    Yeah i had that as well, but I am kind of a person who doesn't like multiple accounts, so I just gave in.

    on 22 October 2013

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