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    BeTTER 2ND HaLF LiNeuP... PS3 Wii oR 360

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2007

    PS3 lineup does look pretty sweet, maybe I should start playing the lottery again or stop slacking on my job. But eventhough the games are good the most promising(for me) are not exclusives, in addition to first party games sony definitly needs to bring its price closer to the 360, eventhough this is hardly possible at this point these are the only two moves that can get sony some good momentum,...

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    Imagine if bar had their dance floors covered like this

    in General Discussion on 04 May 2007

    yeah...I also wish you could edit the thread topic...bummer...

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    Wii back in stock in UK

    in Sales Discussion on 01 May 2007

    I´m pretty sure they have been in stock here in Germany ever since Nintendo boosted deliveries for the PS3 launch, maybe it´s my region though since I live by cologne (one of the big citys) it was hard to find for the longest time though and now the stock I see is allways smaller than the XBox 360s or the PS3s ...

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    Pricing on the Virtual Console

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2007

    Maybe you are a little cheap but I´m just the same, why sould I re-buy games I used to have, shure Zelda is worth the money but not every game is a Zelda, there was a different topick here a while ago about how Nintento has to pay the people who own the rights to the games and the internet providers but I really think they should have put some of their own games in there for free or given...

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    what book would you love to be turned into a game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2007

    How about the Bible ??? (just kidding, sounds more like a Family Guy skit....GTA Jerusalem, they crucified him, but now he´s back, back for payback)But seriously, I would really like a detektiv or point and click adventure based on Umberto Ecos "the name of the rose", both book and movie are really good, the book has tons of great and very accurate info on the middle ages which...

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    How To Tell If You're a Fanboy

    in General Discussion on 01 May 2007

    Hi EverybodyEverybody: "Hi Doctor Nick" I like all the points mentioned here. Are Kwaad and his sidekick Hus really banned ? (I wonder how I connected them to this topick) This site is like a buddist temple at the moment.  Even tough I like the peace I do miss Kwaad to give a different point of view and be the rebel without applause. Hope he comes back soon.  Anyway, if...

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    iwata on using the wii-mote/chuck for fps games

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2007

    I´m 100 pro with you on this one stof, metroid really needs to show the wiis fps qualities,  I hear that there will be an option for PC gamers to make it more like a mouse and keyboard, I hope this means that aiming and turning will be the same movement, as in PC shooters, if they get this right it would (for me) be much better than gamepad aiming. Since its delayed for so long I hope...

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    How nintendo.

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2007

    Hi All@ Kwaad: Even though I don´t agree with a lot of what your saying I admire that you come here and try to explain where your attitude comes from. Most people would go to a fan site and have everybody agree with them, but you come here day after day and defend your opinion. In my humble opinion you don´t have to worry to much about this issue though, if low buget party games do...

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    Explain your avatar

    in General Discussion on 25 April 2007

    Mine is Jeffrey Lebowski aka: The Dude (Jeff Bridges) from the movie the Big Lebowski  The Dude : "It's like what Lenin said... you look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh... " Donny      : "I am the walrus?"...

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    Xbox 360 QWERTY Text Input Device in the Flesh

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 April 2007

    Hi Everybody Here are some pics of a new x360 imput addon, I´ve never really surfed the net on a console but I read quite some people do, to them this might be a major improvement. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/gadgets/xbox-360-qwerty-text-input-device-in-the-flesh-250846.phpp.S. in the komments someone wrote about Microsoft IPTV, does anyone know what this exactly going to be ???Edit: Sorry...

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    what can make a new game successful?

    in Sales Discussion on 25 April 2007

    Hi Everybody,even though the best way to succeed is to have superb grafix, gampaly and marketing some games can get big on hype and image alone. I don´t want to upset any Mortal Kombat fans since I like lots of those games but most snes fans I know today where much bigger Street Fighter fans since the fighters and their moves where unique and the kombat was more challenging. But Mortal...

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    Next Xbox Might Be Multi-Component

    in Sales Discussion on 24 April 2007

    Thank you master Kenobi, your wisdom is much apprechiated.  ...

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    Next Xbox Might Be Multi-Component

    in Sales Discussion on 24 April 2007

    Hi everybodyI´m new here but i´ve been visiting for some time, I found an interesting article on http://www.megagames.com about a Microsoft patent regarding a Multi-Component system. I think its a pretty cool idea, I´ve allways wanted too fuze a PSWii60 and elliminate the NextGenWar forever. Thats probably not what its about but I like the Idea, the article is not very specific...

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