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    GT5 Weather Video in HD!!

    in Sony Discussion on 17 September 2010

    I only own the GT game on PSP and spent only few minutes with it. But this!!! I MUST SAY, HOLY SHIT!!!!!...

    Write 15

    PSP being phased out in Australia?

    in Sales Discussion on 09 September 2010

    Well I still see people using the PSP as a MP4 player when they ride train to work in Melbourne, which is still pretty cool considering the size of the monitor it's got.  I have touched my 1000 for AGES..... Hope PSP2 is compatible with PS2 games! that will be epic...

    Write 7

    Media Create hardware sales (8/16 – 8/22)

    in Sales Discussion on 26 August 2010

    WOOT @ PS3, Another EP R nice sales!...

    Write 60

    Tony Abbott will become Australia's next Prime Minister.

    in General Discussion on 18 August 2010

    Gonna vote for Labor, enough said. There's way too many things this country needs to improve NOW and for THE FUTURE and the Liberals aren't making offers to that....

    Write 18

    FPS and Kinect. How it is possible.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 July 2010

    haha awesome...

    Write 342

    Official Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty thread!

    in PC Discussion on 27 July 2010

    ^ WHAT!? 24855 days wait to get the bloody thing activated? People must be spamming the shit outta Battlenet or the server sucks... Anyway, getting a copy tomorrow night!!!...

    Write 27

    New Legendary Pokemon Revealed numbered #000

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 July 2010

    It's legendary but it can suck as much as like Magikarp...

    Write 109

    New VGChartz Network Homepage

    in Website Topics on 07 July 2010

    Awesome stuff!! But a different colour for VGChartz might work better than grey cos it feels kind of out of place or not fitting in with Feed/Connect/Review. And like Soma said, a Game search option on the homepage would definitely be a plus :):)...

    Write 37


    in Sony Discussion on 08 April 2010

    Dissidia is AUD25 in EBGAMES Aus, but every other game that's on clearance sale is still a rip off even the price has gone down $25...But heck, Locoroco 2 and Patapon 2 ! GOOD PRICE!...

    Write 5

    Where can I order the chinese version of thw Final Fantasy xiii?

    in Sony Discussion on 07 April 2010

    Yesasia or Playasia is your best bet. Just found Yesasia is offering preordering but you don't get to own it for another ~2 mths....

    Write 10

    My plan to get $150 back.

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 February 2010

    Good luck to u !...

    Write 51

    I just bought Valkyria Chronicles, Uncharted 2, AND Demon's Souls!!!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 27 December 2009

    I got them as well from Playasia just before the xmas week!! Loving every bit of Uncharted 1 & 2 and was amazed by 2's opening, absolutely stunning.I put aside Demon's Souls to finish off Uncharted 2, Tales of Vesperia and VC. But more importantly, it's a god damn hard game!!...

    Write 41


    in Sony Discussion on 22 December 2009

    After this I hope they'll make a Super Robot Taisen game for PS3............. Come on Banpresto!!!...

    Write 42

    So it begins. FFXIII lands on the Land of the rising sun. (First Pictures)

    in Sony Discussion on 16 December 2009

    What's the reason of having two ps3's?ONE HAS PINK LIGHTNING ON IT SO IT ONLY DOES ^#@& KILL EVERYTHING!!!--- I'd wish my brother doesn't !^*#^@!% me but I know I won't be getting it...AWW I SO WANT THE BUNDLE...

    Write 111

    Final Fantasy XIII Famitsu Review

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 December 2009

    Whatever, still getting it...

    Write 147

    Rumour: FFXIII = 10, 9, 10, 10 (39/40) from Famitsu

    in Sony Discussion on 08 December 2009

    Just to correct something, it's from a HK forum. Popular site? yes it is. Creditable source? well no one knows and since it's rumor nobody knows where they get their source from....

    Write 180

    Furious Girl Smashes Lazy Boyfriend's PS3 With A Hammer! (Lyrics Explicit)

    in Sony Discussion on 03 December 2009

    First impression of the video: She's HOT my anus...

    Write 37

    Man weds video game girlfriend

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 November 2009

    To love a girl in virtual world...it's ok.But to marry a girl with no physical appearance whatsoever... W.T.F.?This guy is sad indeed....

    Write 48

    Windows 7 and gaming

    in PC Discussion on 20 November 2009

    Well I do feel 7 does process programs faster than vista and that was quite obvious. But the bad thing is my desktop has 4GB of ram but it's only using 3.5GB. I think I can find ways to 'unlock' that 0.5GB of unusable ram but.... too lazy...But gaming wise, I think vista is slightly better in terms of framerates (using FIFA10 as example)......

    Write 43

    Vg Chartz Now has OVER 50,000 members....CONGRATS ioi & team!

    in Website Topics on 18 November 2009

    well congratz, how long did it take to gain this base??? ...

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