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    Rate the song above you !

    in Music Discussion on 15 January 2020 by Mr_No

    6.5/10 Seems a bit generic and bland, but fairly enjoyable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-I8ALlYxdY ...

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    Would Stardew Valley be a good game to listen to podcasts?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 December 2016 by dukerx2

    Thanks guys...

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    Donald Trump questions the legitimacy of the election he won

    in Politics Discussion on 29 November 2016 by m_csquare

    So does the world, trump. So does the world...

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    Current vs Last, a Console Sales Story (COMPLETE!)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 March 2015 by superchunk

    Kerotan said:This thread is a window into the past. It must be cruel for Wii u fans who've been here since it was first announced. Especally after a promising launch. Anyway thanks superchunk for the thread. Great effort. Now we just need someone to do next gen's and keep it up to date for two years....

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    Evaluation of the current Nintendo community on VGC

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 March 2014 by pezus

    RolStoppable said: pezus said: Do you base activity level on number of posts or number of words written? Number of posts. Bah. Otherwise JL would probably be at, or close to, the top...

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    Xbox ONE vs. N64

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 February 2014 by Mummelmann

    RolStoppable said: magoghm said: Kaizar said: All the talented people from Rare formed Retro Studios. They may have not been soo many talented people at Rare, but at least they all created Retro Studios and left Rare for dead. Everyone else at Rare was just a leech, and those are the only kinds of people left at Rare. Long story short, a Studio full of only leeches (Rare)...

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    Why Nintendo won't go 3rd Party

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2014 by PDF

    __XBrawlX__ said:>Release all old games on Android and iOS >Easy as hell to pirate >Nobody will pay the money Nintendo expects from VC sales Seriously this would be a huge short coming... the level of piracy would soar, and Nintendo would no longer take a cut of the hardware necessary to run these VC games... right now if you want them, you have to own a WiiU first... Also, by...

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    Satoru Iwata Says He Will Continue As President And Restore Nintendo's Business Momentum

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 January 2014 by czecherychestnut

    I shake my head that he 'feels responsible' for Nintendo's performance. As the president of the company he IS responsible for Nintendo's performance, there is no 'feel' about it. The buck stops with him, he has the power to change whatever process or strategy within Nintendo that is causing their poor performance, the fact he hasn't makes him 'responsible' for it. Yes, the Wii and DS were...

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    Nintendo Shares Plummet!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 January 2014 by savisn

    Figgycal said: Mr Khan said: Figgycal said: Ocilayton said:Man I wish I could by shares. I would buy every singleone I can now You'd be holding on to the stock for a long time. Not really. Some of our more stock-savvy posters have pointed out that Nintendo is actually criminally undervalued right now, that their current market cap is only about 20% more...

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    Trying to LAN game using a VPN, does not work. (University Internet)

    in PC Discussion on 31 October 2013 by NiKKoM

    Maybe your "friends" just don't like you? Anyway can't you just get a own router to create a WLAN.. one hooks up the router and the others go onto that network.. ...

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    The Pokemon X & Y News Thread: Mega Charizard X

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 October 2013 by TheKingofRedLions

    In The Games Department Pokémon X & Y - New Pokémon The latest CoroCoro has leaked and provided artwork for a variety of new Pokémon. These Pokémon are not ones revealed pre-release as this magazine is due for release on October 15th. As such, I have put the images in this spoiler tag. Click the image to view the pictures     X & Y...

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    If you could see a Deceased Family member again, but you had to watch them be tortured in Hell to see them: Would you?

    in General Discussion on 27 August 2013 by spurgeonryan

    __XBrawlX__ said:OK, I haven't signed in for months, but seriously man, what the actual fuck :P Says the man with an avatar of a Virtual computer vomiting virtual chunks all over the place.... :P   No, I thought it was a decent question. What if you told someone you hate them and hope they rot in hell, and then died in a car crash that night. Wouldn't you feel extremely bad?...

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    The Wii U Is the Worst Gaming Console Ever Created?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 June 2013 by Thaimasker

    Depends on what you mean by worst.... In terms of software? Nope look at virtual boy...and you can't really judge untill at the end of its cycle...I mean look the the PS3 in its first year and look at it now... In terms of hardware? obviously not...I enjoy it alot. and yeah @mikerox...tons of crappy consoles from 20 years ago that no one remembers....

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    Who will win E3 2013?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 April 2013 by daveJ

    So can all those people that picked Nintendo resubmit their votes?...

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    so who here has a lot of sex

    in NSFW Discussion on 25 April 2013 by Jumpin

    Married with kids. So it is sort of hit and miss. So it really depends on how crazy the kids get. Some times my wife and I are able to have lots of sex, and sometimes less than 3 times a week. Mostly always quickies though, there is almost never time or energy for "full sex sessions," which I assume means like getting in the mood, massage, foreplay, and all of that stuff the girl magazines...

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    How widespread is this? 'No Grades, No Zeroes' Schooling...

    in General Discussion on 21 April 2013 by spurgeonryan

    I noticed it when I came East from Washington State. Every kid does not have to worry about failure or being sad anymore. E's, 1's, 2's, etc are the new normal. I think it is a bunch of malarky. You need a PH.D just to understand what these new report cards say. Just bringing Americans youth down even more than they already are. Progressive growth is fine, but kids need to know when they are...

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    Ricin letters in DC...

    in Politics Discussion on 18 April 2013 by badgenome

    Elvis done it!...

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    Rape Culture - Do Kids Trivialize the Word "Rape" in Gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2013 by richardhutnik

    chris_wing said: Max King of the Wild said: curl-6 said: richardhutnik said: Desensitivity to the word is an issue. BUT...   Note one of the definitions of the word "rape": http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/rape   rape 1   [reyp]  Show...

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    Will VGChartz ever Cease to Exist? How would you feel?

    in Website Topics on 01 April 2013 by the2real4mafol

    It would be a great loss, there are some great people here. I guess you would just move on if it happened, not much you could do if it happened....

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    Post a pic of yourself.

    in General Discussion on 26 March 2013 by darkknightkryta

    Didn't we have this thread already? Which was a sequel to another thread?...

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