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    How will homosexuality will affect us in the future,Are you happy about it?

    in General Discussion on 01 July 2008

    ssj12 said: The Bible also is nothing more then a historical story book, thats right I said it. The Bible's stories are twisted stories of either what really happened, example the Plagues, or stories of faith, example Noah's Arch. A book and religion that has changed and been rewritten hundreds of times holds as much truth in it as the Harry Potter books. The concept of Religion is hope...

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    How will homosexuality will affect us in the future,Are you happy about it?

    in General Discussion on 01 July 2008

    Having lived in NYC for the first 30 years of my life, there's quite a gay population, and they don't bother me nor really affect me. Its no different from any other stranger out there. Sure, they affect me by burning gas, pollution, etc just like everyone else. Their sexual choice never impacted me and likely never will. I'd be much more concerned with the alarming rate of which pedos are...

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    Too Human: "This Has To Be The Worst Game I've Played In The Last 5 Years"

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 July 2008

    I don't think Silicon Knights have really done anything worthy of notice after Eternal Darkness...

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    PS3 Sales back to normal again

    in Sales Discussion on 28 June 2008

    NNN2004 said: the delays for PS3 games make it even worse for sony see what happend to alone in the dark ? all this negative news make me away from PS3. Thanks for reminding me! I have to pick up the Wii version of Alone in The Dark next week! =)   Back to OP - Yeah its not a good sign as the 2 big games, MGS4 and the next FF (13?) are supposed to be the big saving grace for...

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    LOL! Solid Snake Has No Penis

    in Sony Discussion on 26 June 2008

    Ah Snake, a real man's ...woman? On the topic of such things, the Soul Caliber for GC with Link has shown off Link's junk, luring many a gamer chick to the game and leaving it paused mid-jump. =D...

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    Doom 4 set to be an Xbox360 exclusive?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 June 2008

    If id's intent serves well, Doom 4 might show up on Mac OSX as well. ID said they are planning a lot more gaming support for OSX...

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    The Sony will dominate the game industry thread Nintendo fans keep out

    in Sony Discussion on 12 June 2008

    Does this follow up with the "George Bush Jr is the best president the US ever had, Democrats keep out!" thread? :D...

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    BOYCOTT Nintendo Wii

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 June 2008

    Rock_on_2008 said: Nintendo is traditionally aimed at a younger audience ages 8 to 14. Wii continues this trend, we have very few violent games. Where are the realistic shooters and fighters on the Wii console?  I like violent games. They make me do bad things.  Speaking of, I raped your cat.  ...

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    Kojima Disappointed With Metal Gear Solid 4

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2008

    Red*Pokemon*Trainer said: This is old lmao!  This news is so old, God mentioned it in the 13th commandment....but then butterfinger Moses went and dropped the tablet with the last 5 commandments on it and it broke. ...

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