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    GOWTLOZ Its difficult to believe that I got attacked as being misogynistic and homophobic for disagreement o
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    < COKTOE posted something on GOWTLOZ's wall:

    Ok. But I'm kind of a spaz.

    I meant real life friends. But this'll do.

    on 04 September 2018

    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    Its difficult to believe that I got attacked as being misogynistic and homophobic for disagreement on the direction of a game. Its fair game to not want men in a role which doesn't fit a male character but not when its a woman. Thankfully, the mods and other people on the forum see through it. Appreciated.

    I just saw the thread in question. Looked into it after I saw you post in the new PS thread. It's too bad things unfolded as they did.

    on 09 July 2018

    Yes, it would've made for a fun discussion otherwise.

    on 10 July 2018

    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    A look at an old school game that masters the old school design with some shortcomings in its way. Give it a read! Feedback would be cool!


    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    A crowning achievement for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and superhero films. The bar is raised!


    It's a shame. I liked your thread idea. Maybe you really should relaunch it like CGI said and take his critique into account?

    I will talk to him about this. I see no reason why we can't criticise Naughty Dog when so many forum discussions have been made criticising and comparing other developers.

    on 24 April 2018

    Here is what he said:


    Not a bad idea I think. But sure, you can talk to him.

    on 24 April 2018

    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    You'll know me for sharing many articles here on the God of War review roundup, Burnout Paradise: Remastered review, Red Dead Redemption 2 breakdown and such. My website URL has changed to a high level domain and this is my new website. Thank you for your support! I'm announcing a logo design contest for my website. Best submission will be the official logo of Game Film Era.


    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    This may be the best EA release in the last couple years. The original game was great and the updated visuals do really help in making Paradise City feel more immersive, but it isn't without flaws. Read the article for the full review, where I go in depth on all the pros and cons of the game.


    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    GT Sport is a better game than Forza Motorsport 7 and here I've gone in depth in analysing both games.


    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    Red Dead Redemption 2 breakdown is up on my website! I've compiled all the information we have with my own input to create the most cohesive look into the game.


    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    My Red Dead Redemption 2 breakdown will be up in a few hours on my website!

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on GOWTLOZ's wall:

    You're welcome to apply to be a writer, if you'd like to make a difference: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=234173

    Thanks! I'll consider it if I can find the time, as college schedule can get busy at times. Still, I'm interested.

    on 31 January 2018

    < GOWTLOZ updated his status:

    My top 10 God of War boss fights.


    < VGPolyglot posted something on GOWTLOZ's wall:

    Maybe you could use that as an avy?

    on 04 October 2017

    Yes looks good!

    on 04 October 2017


    on 04 October 2017

    Nice!! I'm on a quest to get the avy-less people to have avatars XD

    on 04 October 2017

    Quest? Is VGC an RPG to you xD

    PS I'm joking

    on 04 October 2017

    < GoOnKid posted something on GOWTLOZ's wall:

    Hi. The question I have might be off topic for the thread about Devil's Tird so I ask it here. Hope that's okay. This is a genuine question, I'm really curious. Could you tell me how the shooting mechanics differ between The Order and Devil' Third? You say the mechanics in The Order were spot on, but in DT they were awful. Why? What was the difference? I mean, you aim and then shoot, right? Am I missing something?

    Its the physics man. They make all the difference.


    on 26 June 2016

    What you said is the very basic definition of shooting, that hardly qualifies in and of itself. Like hack and slash games differ in combat, so do shooters.

    Sorry for these blank comments, didn't intend that.

    on 26 June 2016

    I'll take that explanation, although I don't understand it yet :D
    Let's just leave it at that, anyway. Tastes are different.

    on 26 June 2016

    Play The Order and you'll understand. Hell play any other shooter and you would know that the shooting mechanics feel very different between different series.

    on 26 June 2016

    I played Bioshock and Deus EX: HR (I like such shooters with a little extra, those that aren't typically military shooters). They play differently because they have some rpg elements implemented, but actually, when it came to the shooting, it still was just aiming and shooting to me. Guess I'm not open for more finer details in that regard. Maybe that might change someday.

    on 26 June 2016

    You should play some military shooters then, they have some really great shooting physics, like COD and Battlefield. Maybe try Halo and Killzone. The ones you mentioned are good games but there are better shooters gameplay wise.

    on 27 June 2016

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