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Metro Exodus going away from Steam has brought the worst from PC gamers. My view is based on comments of PC gamers on youtube videos from gaming news reporters on youtube such as YongYea and TheQuartering and more to Metro Exodus latest trailer itself as well as the news of previous Metro games being review bombed on Steam. I'm not talking about the entire PC community, but a chunk of them are doing this and they need to stop it.

Metro Exodus is available on a new store on PC which is free like other launchers. There are no additional costs to download Epic Games Store on PC and the game is essentally the same price as it was depending on region of course. The massive backlash to such a decision is in my view unprecedented because PC gamers already have several launchers installed. The popularity of, Origins and Uplay on PC just tells publishers PC gamers do not mind multiple launchers if they are required for the games they want. Now suddenly its such a major issue to download another launcher, which a lot of people already have for Fortnite, because they don't want to buy games on different launchers? Is it worth missing a game just because its not on a launcher they like? While that is their call, calling for the boycott en masse for such minor inconvenience is apalling and shows entitlement.

These calls weren't civil about it. PC gamers have been saying nasty stuff about the game, comparing Deep Silver to the likes of EA and Activision when they wouldn't make a game like it and saying that they don't want this crappy game anymore, so they basically changed their tune and are calling the game crap when this same community was looking forward to it some weeks ago, much like a child does when he can't get something he wants. Except here its just a matter of using Epic Games Store to purchase it. There have been widespread calls to pirate the game on PC, these same people want more single player games but when one comes along with such love into its development they would not support it just because muh Steam. They wouldn't try it with a multiplayer game then wonder why third party publishers are after multiplayer and live services.

I've seen threats, possible harassment towards the developers for a minor inconvenience. I've seen people not wanting to support Epic just because they have a Chinese stockholder in the company and these people want to support Muricans. No wonder Americans have such a nasty image worldwide, American distributrors dominate the industry because the rest of the world aren't so nationalistic, if globally we took such a stance as these American nationalists a lot of American companies would go bankrupt. There is no need to be so uptight about which country you're benefitting, we can do it too but there is something called being considerate and rational.

Metro games being review bombed on Steam shows the entitlement of PC gamers. Good games getting bad reviews just because the sequel is not on the same launcher. Jesus Christ. I'm a PC gamer and this is why I don't like associating myself with this community, not every PC gamer is like this but a lot of them are toxic, on top of PC master race group which is probably just as toxic. Digital Foundry is filled with PCMR types and the comments section is horrific. Console gamers can be bad too, but never to this extent. This is one instance where I just cannot get behind gamers and agree with the media calling them out for being toxic and entitled.

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