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Some TLOU2 Haters Are Nut Jobs CONFIRMED!

in Sony Discussion 32 minutes ago by Dulfite

shikamaru317 said: Dulfite said: Ah yes, limit me to a privileged person that can have no valid opinion. Oh I'm a white male, by the way, do I lose more points now? And by the way, I grew up with two very UNPRIVILEGED parents. Both had lower class or lower middle class jobs. Both were let go when my older brother and I were babies. My mom took us to the mall to shop to give us...

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Xbox Empire - Xbox Games Showcase Confirmed for July 23rd

in Microsoft Discussion 52 minutes ago by shikamaru317

jason1637 said: At this point no way MS doesn't have CoD marketing. The game is supposed to drop in October and has yet to be announced. Yep, I can't see Activision announcing a CoD game in August on the State of Play, 2 months before it is supposed to release. They usually announce CoD in April, May, or June. ...

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Last generation for physical copies? Capcom: Game sales are 80% digital, and rising

in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago by SvennoJ

vivster said: xl-klaudkil said: Why? Huge amount of game collectors out there ,why spoil there fun? Less options is never a good thing. For the environment. It's also a bit ironic to pull the "more options" card when talking about consoles, the epitome of artificially reduced options. It's a bit ironic to talk about the environment when game consoles, tvs,...

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Official 2020 US Presidential Election Thread

in Politics Discussion 4 hours ago by sethnintendo

“The Republican Party has grown incredibly from when it was and we have a whole different group of people in the Republican Party,” Mr Trump said on Friday. Yep right about that just the racist switched from democrats to republicans in 50s/60s “Like people don’t remember, nobody ever heard of it until I came along, nobody remembered it for a long time, or they didn’t use it at least, I...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

in General Discussion 5 hours ago by SvennoJ

jason1637 said: I thought US army cases count as part of the US totals. Yep they are listed under US military, 23,842 reported cases to date. Yet I assume they leave the base and visit the nearby town as well. Or maybe it's on actual lock down, I don't know.Follow up on the bus driver who was attacked in France.A bus driver in France who was beaten up by passengers refusing to...

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First look: Box art for upcoming PS5 games (Spider-Man/ Godfall)

in Sony Discussion 7 hours ago by Jranation

twintail said: The white is just too plain. Looks like those box arts where the retailer put because the official one is not out yet.  ...

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(POSSIBLE SPOILERS INSIDE) The agenda and political discussion of Naughty Dog

in Politics Discussion 7 hours ago by DonFerrari

EricHiggin said: DonFerrari said: No it doesn't become popular because that is decided by the market, but it certainly is the objective of that dev. Not sure what kinda point you are trying to make that needs you making fallacies, distorting my point, reaching and making strawman all at once. That's what I already had pointed out earlier, that the...

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Ghost of Tsushima - Review Thread: It's Prediction Time! 3 days to go!

in Sony Discussion 8 hours ago by YanisFromFrance

90 ...

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Sony invests $250m in Epic Games to acquire a minority stake

in Sony Discussion 9 hours ago by padib

mjk45 said: I feel that to the focus on UE is narrowing our thinking , it's been pointed out that Sony mainly uses in house game engines with great success on both a technical and sales level, so the main reasons a lot of studios use UE because of its familiarity in the industry and modularity doesn't apply and if they decide to use it they can just licence it like Sony Bend, so the more...

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The Last of Us Part II - Review Thread (MC: 94 / OC: 94)

in Sony Discussion 10 hours ago by BraLoD

Metacritic has 40 critic reviews less than Opencritic, that's quite the difference. ...

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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Thread

in Nintendo Discussion 12 hours ago by KLXVER

So there is a new fishing tourney now. I got the gold trophy in the last tourney. Is it the same one I get now or is there a new kind of gold trophy for each tourney? ...

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Panned Games that you loved?

in Gaming Discussion 15 hours ago by curl-6

The Outer Worlds on Switch.This version seems to be widely written off as garbage based on cherry picked screenshots and footage, but while it's certainly an uneven port, the core greatness of the game shines through, and I still greatly enjoyed it. ...

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What's your definition of a political moderate?

in Politics Discussion 16 hours ago by sundin13

Jaicee said: sundin13 said: I think that is fair too, but it begs the question, why are you searching for a label in the first place? I think in some ways I'm probably more "progressive" than you, but I don't think I've ever called myself a progressive. Labels can be a valuable shorthand for expressing your opinions, but if they don't fit, you don't really need to go on a vision...

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The Last of Us Part II sold through more than 4m copies during its first weekend. Lifetime sales expectations for the PS4 version alone?

in Sales Discussion 17 hours ago by scottslater

DonFerrari said: scottslater said: Link?  Because I haven't seen any list of it being a "norm".  Also, I'm not being Doom and gloom, I'm simply stating that this game faces a very particular difficult path of hitting the 10+ million status on the PS4. UN4 had amazing legs when it came out, lasting weeks in the Top 10 (often reclaiming the #1 spot again) and with the...

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[Update] Surgery a success; tumor removed.

in General Discussion 1 day ago by mZuzek

curl-6 said: While it's still uncertain as to whether it'll ever happen, I'm setting myself the long term goal of running again. I used to be a cross country and track runner in school, and I always enjoyed going for a nice jog.  I wanna feel that rush again someday. Huh, I didn't know this about you. I'll call you Ryuji from now on. Seriously though, I'm really happy for...

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Salt or Pepper

in Politics Discussion 1 day ago by Machina

Salt. ...

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The US Politics |OT|

in Politics Discussion 1 day ago by Machiavellian

TallSilhouette said: Well, we're finally getting his tax returns at some point. Wonder if we'll get anything juicy and whether it'll be before the election or not. I highly doubt it.  The whole thing was just a stall tactic so that Trump and company could keep his tax return out of public view and used against him before reelection.  They will continue to delay until well...

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CGI's Party Of Graphics & Tech 2020

in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago by CGI-Quality

hinch said: CGI-Quality said: Nah, not even RDR2 on PC is quite as refined (and that is even a small step down from Metro: Exodus as it is). LOU Pt. II is on another level, especially the water!I look forward to Death Stranding on PC though. That game's environments on PS4 were the absolute best until LOU Pt. II, so I look forward to being able to see them with better clarity to...

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in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by DonFerrari

ClassicGamingWizzz said: Immersiveunreality said: Yeah early ''hatred'' is always a bit unwise,always best to see the whole thing before forming a more solid opinion. This thread is something else, the best posts are from people saying this is a betrayer for ALL fans, EVERYONE hates Abby, ABBY JUST THERE TO KILL JOEL, this is like game of Thrones!!! , This is not What ALL...

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Unreal Engine 5 Announced + PS5 Demo

in Sony Discussion 2 days ago by 0D0

vivster said: This demo had no vegetation. That's my only complaint about this demo. ...

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