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    Vini256's Wall

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    < Majin-Tenshinhan posted something on Vini256's wall:

    I agree entirely with what you said about not knowing why you even open Zelda threads anymore. Literally the exact same way I feel. Just makes me sad every time.

    Yeah... It's been hard because I was (And still am, I guess) really attached to the series, but I think it's honestly time for me to let go.

    I'll still buy remasters/remakes of the old 3D Zeldas if they don't try to shoehorn VA and stuff like that, and maybe the next 2D game, but I'm done with 3D Zelda for now.

    on 18 August 2018

    It's been my #1 favourite series for aslong as I can remember, but I just don't see any future where I can care about it now, which makes me incredibly sad. At the very least, I'm happy that my main, Zelda, has her Link to the Past appearance in the new Smash. I was so devastated when I saw the BotW Link silhouette and I thought Zelda was going to be ruined.

    on 18 August 2018

    Yeah, Zelda's redesign for Smash is great (Wish I could say the same for Link, ugh). At least Young Link's back too, that way I can pretend BotW Link isn't there at all.

    on 18 August 2018

    (Also, can Nintendo please stop shoehorning blue tunic Link into everything? Like seriously, BotW Link is everywhere I look, much to my dismay).

    on 18 August 2018

    It's getting really old, considering they never did this with previous Link designs... though then again I guess they never did a big redesign to him before either...

    on 20 August 2018

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Vini256's wall:

    I know you're always on the hunt for a 3D Zelda-like adventure. I just beat this one: It's not bad! Not great, but decent. It's coming to Switch in a few days.

    I'll take a look, thanks! I really appreciate you took the time to recommend it to me.

    I still have to play Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (Another 3D Zelda-like) first since I bought it during the last Steam sale and haven't started it yet, but I'll put this one into my wishlist for later.

    on 27 February 2018

    Happy to do it!

    If you have any questions about the game, just let me know.

    on 28 February 2018

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on Vini256's wall:

    I wonder how much money the devs for A Hat in Time got for their suggestions of a WiiU release. The Nintendo Indie community has been very vibrant, with many indie games doing super well on Nintendo platforms (For example, 46% of Shovel Knight sales were 3DS+WiiU).

    This needs to end up on the Switch sooner or later! That Wind Waker style just begs for it!

    I think it's just a matter of time (Heh) until it comes to the Switch honestly, which is why I'm holding off on the game for a while (even though I'm dying to play it!) The devs got their Switch devkit recently so it could end up on the system early next year if we're lucky and they manage to port it successfully!

    on 16 October 2017

    Yeah! I don't have a Switch yet unfortunately, so I may buy the PC version soon.

    on 17 October 2017

    < KingofTrolls posted something on Vini256's wall:

    A Hat in Time also on PS4/X1 :D

    I've heard! I'm PC/Switch only but it's great news nonetheless, more people will be able to enjoy this game! Really glad that it's finally coming out this year, been waiting a while for it =P

    Hoping they do a Switch version after they release the other ones, as it feels right to play a 3D platformer on a Nintendo system. If they don't I'll still get it on PC for sure though!

    on 27 July 2017

    < TomaTito posted something on Vini256's wall:

    They locked the thread, but you are right that production issues could be further improved after the main launch units are made.

    Yup, we just need to give them some time and hope that they'll fix most/all of the issues by then.

    on 07 March 2017

    I bought mine already... If I have any issues, I'll use my warranty rights straight away for sure.

    on 07 March 2017

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Vini256's wall:

    I think we need to start a 3D platformer fan club :)

    Sounds good to me! I'm so happy that 3D Platformers are making a comeback :D

    on 03 August 2016


    What are some of your favs?

    on 03 August 2016

    My favorites would have to be either Mario 64 or Galaxy, it's a tough choice. Actually, now that you asked that, I've realized I haven't played many 3D platformers that aren't Mario lol. I hear a lot of praise for the Banjo games so I definitely need to try those. I did play a bit of DK64 and found it pretty enjoyable as well. What about you?

    on 03 August 2016

    Super Mario for sure. Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie are both amazing. Psychonauts and the first Jak and Daxter, too.

    on 03 August 2016

    < Roketan posted something on Vini256's wall:

    Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    No problem! Welcome to VGChartz! :)

    on 23 July 2016

    < Mystro-Sama posted something on Vini256's wall:

    I just saw your DP and remembered about that game. :P

    Whats it called again and is it out?

    DP? I'm assuming you mean my profile picture, please correct me if I'm wrong lol.
    It's called A Hat in Time and it's supposed to come out this year, but no release date yet.

    on 12 June 2016

    Yea, DP = Display Picture

    Nice, it looks pretty cool. Can't wait for it.

    on 12 June 2016

    < Luke888 posted something on Vini256's wall:

    Is that a OPM/Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya crossover in your sign or what ? either way it's amazing !

    Thanks! It's a weird Haruhi spin-off called Nyoron Churuya-san, here

    on 02 February 2016

    :o it's amazing, it has the kind of humor that I love (tough I'd love anything Haruhi related anyway...)

    on 02 February 2016

    It's really silly but I like it xD Anyways, watch Haruhi-chan too if you haven't already!

    on 02 February 2016

    < HylianYoshi posted something on Vini256's wall:

    Your english is really good, you know. You probably don't need to have that message in your sig anymore. =P

    Well, thank you! I sure try my best. Guess I'm removing it then =P

    on 30 January 2016

    Out of curiousity, how old were you when you learned English?

    on 30 January 2016

    We learn English at school from a young age but the way they teach it really sucks. I'd say I started learning proper English when I was around 10y, almost exclusively through videogames and YouTube videos lol

    on 30 January 2016

    That's cool. I began learning English at 5 or so when I moved to the US. Just interesting to see how well off people can be in English from learning at a relatively late age, like 10. People trying to learn foreign languages at our schools (at ages from 12-15) haven't proven to be anything special.

    on 30 January 2016

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on Vini256's wall:

    The gif in your sig is too big, the mods are gonna remove it

    The max is 1.5MB

    Oh, I was thinking on changing it today actually, but thanks for the heads up ;)

    on 21 March 2015


    on 21 March 2015

    < DrasticDracon posted something on Vini256's wall:

    Your avatar really captures Splatoon at its best element; the character design. Too adorable.

    Yeah, I kinda hated the designs at first, but I grew fond of them I guess, it still has that Nintendo style xD

    on 12 January 2015

    I know! I felt the same when I saw that E3 direct, but after coming across some fan art, I decided it was too cute to hate. The recent trailer makes it look promising anyhow.

    on 12 January 2015

    < noname2200 posted something on Vini256's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's Steam Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Sorry for the extremely late reply, I can't participate this year, maybe next year though. Thanks for inviting anyways.
    Cheers! :)

    on 14 December 2014

    No worries, and happy holidays!

    on 15 December 2014

    < ExplodingBlock posted something on Vini256's wall:

    What Nintentacle said nice avatar I love that show

    Oh, that comment was actually referring to my first avatar on this forum, but anyways, yeah, it is a great show =D

    on 24 August 2014

    < Nintentacle posted something on Vini256's wall:

    Cool avatar!

    Thanks! ^^

    on 20 June 2014

    < Vini256 updated his status:

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