DTG said:
naznatips said:
Yes, how dare you people enjoy life! Life is to be nothing but misery and introspection. You are not allowed to have friends, play games with each other, and have fun.

You've made it quite clear already how uncultured you are. You have a problem with people wanting something in videogames that we already have in other forms of creation: art and relevance.


Exactly! Video Games aren't about fun, they're about appealing to a mythical standard set aside just for the self-claimed intellectual minority! Curse you Nintendo! How dare you make Video Games that appeal to people other than those who sit around frat lounges playing Halo and Gears of War, work two jobs to feed their World of Warcraft addiction, play Grand Theft Auto like its a religion or view MGS2 as not just a game, but a life changing experience.