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RolStoppable said:
Legend11 said:

Well actually to be fair I was right... Well Dave Halverson was right. Read what he posted and it's dead on with what happened at Nintendo's E3 conference. He didn't say there wouldn't be any hardcore games from Nintendo but that after SSBB, SMG, and MP:3 that those games from Nintendo would be few and far between... And that Nintendo was focusing on the very casual which is true.

But don't worry I don't expect you or anyone else in that thread to eat crow.

ps. If you read the article you'll see that Dave was talking about Nintendo and it's first party games...

Halverson said that Nintendo will shift their focus from the hardcore to the casual to the very casual gamer. He also said:

"While the Wii definately has some great games left on the schedule (the same ones) along with a trickle of third-party exclusives, the future of the Wii does not revolve around us gamers."

If you paid attention to Nintendo's E3 they clearly stated that they will continue to deliver games (1st and 3rd party) to all types of gamers. I am not sure which kind of gamers Halverson means with "us gamers" since he refers to himself as casual but either he means hardcore or casual, Nintendo's focus is not on making games for the very casual gamer. 

Halverson is wrong and so are you. 

He means hardcore games... Like Super Mario Kart.  He didn't say those games would disappear just that they would be few and far between.  I guess we won't know until about 2 years from now who's right and who's wrong.  But I have to ask, during the conference did Nintendo spend more time on casual games or hardcore?  What game did they spend the most time on?  Super Mario Kart?  Did they have Shigeru and others playing it for the crowd?  Or was it some casual game that seems to be their new focus?