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Soundwave said:
JRPGfan said:

The question is....  why is 150m+ Nintendo users, 120m+ Playstation users, and 50m+ xbox useres, not a big enough market?
Even if it appears to have stagnated.  Factor in the PC, and that should probably be another 200m or something.

How big a market does gameing need? are games to big and expensive, to not also chase the mobile market?
If so, imagine your next gen console, and most of the games there where mobile ones . _ .

"these guys need serious growth, and they need it to continue"

Why? earn a few billion here and there, and be happy..... is it so hard? how greedy are "these guys" ?.

"And we'll see more stuff coming to mobile phones. We're also going to see more and more streaming.  There's no doubt about it."

I hope this doesn't come to pass.
I'm not buying mobile games on pc, or console, and wont in future either.
They go that route, they wont be getting my buy atleast (and likely many others).

Game development costs a lot of money, the costs of development are way higher than 15 years ago, yet the number of consoles sold is basically static overall. 

When your game development cost is triple/quadruple what it was years ago, and the development time of these games is now also like 4-9 years instead of 2-3 years (longer dev time = longer amount of time you have to wait to see any return on investment), the console numbers aren't good enough. 

The hardware console will market will shrink and eventually they will all sell games on PC day one. Think about this graphics upgrades have been the main reason handhelds and consoles were hyped since forever once that's over, people upgrading is gonna slow down, even now the biggest reason for wanting switch 2 is a graphic upgrade, and switch 3 will just probably be able  to run games at 60fps instead of 30fps and with a little screen no one will see the difference, and if nintendo keep games at good budget switch 2 hardware will more then enough to do what they want, and if they release a pro look out cause the switch 3 might come out in 13 years lol.