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KrspaceT said:

Thought I had on the thread about the Lego game, but talk has always been about say, seeing the Master Chief Collection show up on Switch or something with how Microsoft is. But if we are about to get a Lego Spinoff on Switch with the same strat that seems to be used for PC releases....could it be possible?

If those games went to PC after a few years when they were no longer the primary pushers to get more money from them, and Nintendo is usually treated the same way by Sony (and XBox) almost seems plausible now. And what a world we'd live in if in a Nintendo direct, either this month or for Switch 2, we see Alloy or Peter Parker show up. Hell, possibly even Kratos or Joel at this rate. 

...and what fires that would cause...the fanboys would rage. 

Not gonna happen. if sony really wanted to do that they could have made a ton of money with a ports of ps3 games on switch like last of us, GOW3, little big planet and uncharted series just like every other developer did. This is a lego game that not gonna move ps5's and is great move to get some switch users to buy ps5's. until you get a real sony iP I won't hold my breath of this happening.