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APerfectCircle said:

I have the physical copy of ff7 remake part 1 I enjoyed it but way to much filler and honestly glad square fired western staff make final fantasy for japan and have it turned based no fluff and u will get what they want from fans I rather have a 100 percent faithful remake of ff9 my personal fav and lod remake then more ff7

100%.  Square is losing fans with filler junk.  Herding cats isn't fun.  Nor is tossing boxes on targets for 45 minutes.  

And it just isn't a Square problem, but a wider problem.  Games have way to much filler junk.

Developers should focus on steamline to save costs.  RE series is excellent and isn't filled with nonsense.  Same with 90$ of Nintendo's games, which are selling well.

10 hours are awesome is better than 40 hours half od which is meh.  


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