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There's still leeway where S-E could increase the graphics fidelity for FF17 and FF7 Remake Part III and still probably have a Switch 2 version even. 
A Plague's Tale: Requiem is probably still the best looking game on the PS5, I'd put it definitely above FF7 Rebirth and FF16 visually. 
A Plague's Tale: Requiem has similar scale to Final Fantasy games (quasi-open world fantasy), but it also runs fine on a 2050 GPU, and a 2050 only has 4GB of VRAM + 96GB/sec memory bandwidth, it's a good comparable for a Switch 2. 
What's so bad about a Final Fantasy game that looks like this? This looks better than what they're making now (this is running on high and then medium settings on a 2050 and it looks better than any FF game on any preset even low): 
Now whether or not Square-Enix can make a 35-45+ hour game with that level of visuals with tons of different environments without the budget spiralling over $200+ million ... I would have my doubts. But technically this should be doable even on a Switch 2. You're going to run out of budget before you run out of technical capability. 
Last edited by Soundwave - on 27 May 2024