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burninmylight said:
JRPGfan said:

It looks great, and honestly its a turn based rpg... does it really need 60fps? It feels fine to me atleast.

The main reason people are whining about it is because the original was 60 fps. If it was always 30, I don't think you'd hear about it even half as much. The Wii U port of Super Mario RPG introduced an extra bit of lag that effected timing for the same kinds of attacks, and that was playable once you personally adjusted. I figured a game built from the ground up for Switch would be fine.

To be fair though, while I'm not not dying on that hill like some people, I have yet to see anything from the Switch version to convince me that it couldn't have handled 60 fps without noticeable sacrifices. The original point point of Paper Mario was to go light on system resources while getting the most out of an interesting and unique art style.

You think, I've seen multiple scenes early on with a ton of rendered NPCs and enemies which would most likely take a lot more resources to render the 60 fps flawlessly.

I don't think the problem was that they couldn't get a 60 fps to run on the game. Most likely the game was struggling to maintain it to  a satisfying degree while maintaining a resolution that didn't go below the low HD bar. 

Anyway, worst case, I'm actually expecting the game to get an early Switch 2 patch since this isn't too far relatively to the Switch successor release. If that's what you want. 

In the end, the concensus reached was while noticeable, this does not hinder the gameplay experience. Time action buttons are liberal in their timing and the game doesn't require quick reflexes because it isn't an action game at it's core.

Would that have happened with a game like Super Paper Mario. A point of contention like this would make much more sense.

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