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VersusEvil said:

Downloading Paper Mario TTYD, will be my first PM game. Should be a year of firsts for me on Switch, got XC3 at 50hrs that I’ll finish up after PM which will be the first XC I ever finish. Any game franchises I should play on Switch?? I was never a Nintendo fan growing up so I've barely played any Nintendo franchises.

Imma guess if you're playing XC3, you either have played XC2/XC DE too or going too after it because I'll warn you about going straight into it's DLC story of you haven't 😅

Anywoo, clearly you'll have to tell us about kind of game you're gunning for on the Switch.

Since you're playing PM TTYD, I guess PM Origami King would also be a good candidate to look for.

Also if you like your platformers, DK Tropical Freeze, Kirby and The Forgotten Land, Super Mario Odyssey, 3D World + Bowser's Fury and Wonder are must own of the genre.

In the meantime, Metroid Dread, Pikmin 4 or Luigi's Mansion 3 could be great additions to your library too.

Also, if you haven't played one of the two 3D Zelda on the consoles yet, prolly go for Tears of the Kingdom straight up. It's more feature rich than it's predecessor.

Haven't talked about the bigger evergreens too like Smash or MK8 DX lol.

That was also just 1st party, there's a pretty nice sleuth of 3rd party games depending on what you own on other platforms but I guess it's "better" to own it elsewhere due to better performance on other platforms, if that's a point of contention for you.

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