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People should probably cool their expectations on sales. Square has not done much to build goodwill from the PC, Switch/Nintendo, XBox communities with regards to Final Fantasy and FF7 even, so it's not like these games are just going to be ported and magically sell millions on each platform. 

FF7 Remake sold 1 million on PC for example, it's been available on Steam for almost 2 years now, and FF7 Rebirth will probably be less than that. A lot of people got their fill of FF7 nostalgia with part I and aren't going to come back for part II. It's also going to be a late port and Square-Enix doesn't believe in massive, constant discounts on their games (which is their right, a company doesn't owe it to you to sell you something at 1/2 the price). Having it on Steam earlier will help, but it will be counter balanced by a natural drop from Part I to Part II as we've seen on the PS5 version. Lets say 900k here, a little less than Remake. 

XBox maybe gets you another 300k-350k. Maybe that's generous too, the XBox brand is collapsing fast.

Switch 2 probably nets you another 1 million, a chunk of that coming from Japan where you have old head Final Fantasy fans who have given up on home consoles but would come around for a portable version as that is the preferred way of playing video games in Japan. 

And all these figures I'm looking at a long haul sales cycle too, this is not happening in like 2-3 months. I'm talking like sales after a couple of years. 

Still that comes out to about 2+ million from those extra platforms, and beggars can't be choosers. Those extra 2.2 million (lets say) in sales will help Square-Enix a lot in bringing the overall LTD sales of the game up considerably, probably talking like instead of finishing with like 3.5 mill LTD, it can get up to 5.75 mill LTD, that's a healthy bump and bringing some new players for Part III. Square-Enix is going to have to realize it's going to take a while and several more FF releases to get the sales up on other platforms, they've let their appeal on those platforms atrophy too much.

Last edited by Soundwave - on 25 May 2024