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Farsala said:
curl-6 said:

We were talking about FF7. If it's apparently viable to port much smaller stuff like Sniper Elite or Zombie Army, I doubt FF7 is going to have trouble getting attention on a Switch successor.

And expensive is relative; porting, even across platforms of different power levels, is a lot cheaper than building a modern AAA game from the ground up, was the point.

Well SE hasn't chosen the Switch for any newer FF games so far. Smaller games are easier to port than the AAA.

Based on their PR, SE definitely want to try it though. Anyways it was just a comment on how the Switch would be more challenging than your typical port. Everyone knows ports are cheaper, but ports to other systems are even cheaper.

Edit: Once again to clarify

"A port of FF7 would be a pretty safe bet to make a return, and Switch ports aren't that expensive or risky given we've seen everything from Doom to Grounded to Outer Worlds to Sniper Elite to Kingdom Come Deliverance make the jump.

That Switch 2 will offer a worthwhile market is also a reasonably safe bet. Nothing's guaranteed, of course, but at this stage its safer to assume success than failure."

@bold I didn't disagree or agree with.

@Italics I disagreed with.

To clarify I was speaking relatively; they're not that expensive compared to the costs of building an AAA game in the first place, and not expensive enough to stop a wide range of them making the jump, from the megatons like Witcher 3 to less popular stuff like Sniper Elite.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 24 May 2024