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Farsala said:
curl-6 said:

The ones that didn't make it don't change the fact that hundreds did. There simply wouldn't be so many Switch ports if it wasn't viable, period.

Now it seems you are missing the point.

In my original post I said games that get ported to Switch tend to be the ones that are guaranteed to be profitable/viable.

You countered by saying Switch ports aren't expensive or risky.

I responded by saying if they aren't expensive or risky, then the 3rd party support would be booming like Sony or PC.

And then our recent posts.

You get what I am saying now? I didn't say all the ports weren't viable, just that devs pick and choose the ones more guaranteed.

But I still disagree that isn't expensive or risky for all the other games that weren't ported.

We were talking about FF7. If it's apparently viable to port much smaller stuff like Sniper Elite or Zombie Army, I doubt FF7 is going to have trouble getting attention on a Switch successor.

And expensive is relative; porting, even across platforms of different power levels, is a lot cheaper than building a modern AAA game from the ground up, was the point.