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Ryuu96 said:

Nikki Haley says she'll vote for Donald Trump in 2024 presidential race (

Ughhh. Makes me a little more nervous for Biden.

What a fucking idiot, falls in line just like the rest of them, no backbone or morals.

“I put my priorities on a president who's going to have the backs of our allies and hold our enemies to account who would secure the border,”

Like abandoning Ukraine, your ally or saying Russia can "do whatever it wants" to Europe, your ally.

Oh wait, I forgot, the only ally America has in the entire world is apparently Israel.

Also, the Republicans blocked the border bill.

Republicans are the most spineless political party in the west.

I have never seen a more stupid bunch than the American right tbh, mass stupidity at an unprecedented scale. Say what you will about the Tories, who's defining these days? not the British right, and not even GB news. 

Watch this exchange between Megyn and Bill, the dumb bitch fully admits that Trump was a danger to democracy, and that he tried to destroy (what's left of) American democracy; she says "he tried it, he failed", and she still wants to vote for him again? Make it make fucking sense.

What does he have to do in order for you to not vote for him? lie about fixing the messy border again? I would have some understanding if this was 2016 but it isn't, you've already tried him once and he failed. 

I have never felt anxious about election results before, but with Trump being so openly backed by the unhinged & recently-autonomous gulf states, Israel & AIPAC, I am slightly anxious we might be so close to a new ugly chapter that will extend beyond the 4 years of his potential presidency.