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Chrkeller said:
Soundwave said:

When you sell 150+ million hardware systems, you will get more of the benefit of the doubt next time around. Just how it goes.

Square-Enix is going to have to learn how to port games faster now that they have changed direction and are by their own description "aggressively" pursuing a multiplatform strategy, it shouldn't take months on end to port games other major publishers do it in a fraction of the time.

IMO I wouldn't be all that surprised if what was really happening in the past was Sony was feeding them a few bucks here and there to slow down on any ports and make them as slowly as possible and Square-Enix being stupid was taking the bait. Sony is petty, I wouldn't even be surprised if they kept the original Final Fantasy VII (the PS1 one) off Nintendo systems for a lot longer than it had to be (took 25 years for Square to port it to any Nintendo system? Really Square?). It sure as fuck could have been ported to a number of Nintendo systems prior. So glad Square-Enix is ditching that whole shitty relationship.

Ports should be faster when they are not built with a single piece of hardware in mind.  I've always assumed FF was built with playstation in mind, so lot's of custom coding, thus ports were not easy.  Same reason TLoU was a god awful port.  If Square develops more generically using graphic setting sliders, making ports super quick.  Capcom figured it out years ago with RE.  

Fact is, outside Nintendo, exclusives are dead.  Even Nintendo, I think, at some point will support more hardware.  Granted I think we are at least 10 years out from that.  

They're not even *starting* ports until the exclusivity periods are over ... no shit your port is going to take longer when you don't even start it, what's the reason for waiting months to even being the porting process? It's nonsense and it's all part of their weird deals they were making with Sony. 

Square was a dumb company that was living in 1999, their new president finally has said enough is enough. It's like a girl who gets into a relationship with a guy that won't let her see any of her other friends, and this goes on for years, she realizes she's unhappy, at some point she needs to just break up with him. 

Exclusives are dead which is good for Nintendo, not so great for Sony though. Nintendo will double down on it because they love it when they are the "special one" in the industry, so if you're waiting for that, you'll be waiting a long, long time probably.