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When you sell 150+ million hardware systems, you will get more of the benefit of the doubt next time around. Just how it goes.

Square-Enix is going to have to learn how to port games faster now that they have changed direction and are by their own description "aggressively" pursuing a multiplatform strategy, it shouldn't take months on end to port games other major publishers do it in a fraction of the time.

IMO I wouldn't be all that surprised if what was really happening in the past was Sony was feeding them a few bucks here and there to slow down on any ports and make them as slowly as possible and Square-Enix being stupid was taking the bait. Sony is petty, I wouldn't even be surprised if they kept the original Final Fantasy VII (the PS1 one) off Nintendo systems for a lot longer than it had to be (took 25 years for Square to port it to any Nintendo system? Really Square?). It sure as fuck could have been ported to a number of Nintendo systems prior. So glad Square-Enix is ditching that whole shitty relationship.