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Farsala said:
curl-6 said:

The latest numbers for Hogwarts are from January, at which point the Switch version had only been out for less than two and half months. To make judgements about its lifetime sales from just two and a half months is silly, especially when it's off to a strong start with the third biggest Switch opening of 2023 and has shown good legs since.

FF7 on Switch 2 would almost certainly be a million seller, possibly multiple millions; most of which would be pure profit as porting is vastly cheaper than actually making a game. For a game that's failing to meet its sales projections, that's a much needed boost.

Porting to PC and Xbox is somewhat cheap, but it still takes months for SE to do the ports.

Porting to Switch is significantly more challenging. Games that get ported to Switch tend to be games that are guaranteed to make a return. Switch 2, we don't know anything about yet, so no comment.

A port of FF7 would be a pretty safe bet to make a return, and Switch ports aren't that expensive or risky given we've seen everything from Doom to Grounded to Outer Worlds to Sniper Elite to Kingdom Come Deliverance make the jump.

That Switch 2 will offer a worthwhile market is also a reasonably safe bet. Nothing's guaranteed, of course, but at this stage its safer to assume success than failure.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 23 May 2024