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curl-6 said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

If half of the console sales are from Switch I will give a 25% to 35% split on post launch sales, as we nee to account for PC sales as well not included on UK charts 

The game sold 22 million in 2023, with 2 million copies from Christmas. I guess it was sitting on 19 million before Switch release and has ever since moved additional 5 million 

With a 25% to 35% total for those 5 million for Switch means Switch version sits between 1.25 million copies and 1.75 million copies. Read: Between 6 and 8% of its total sales, which was what I asked in my post

I don't believe a late port with very downgrade graphics will past anywhere over the 10% total sales on Switch 2 hence why don't think Rebirth will sell anything more than sub-400k copies but alas, we have to wait and see 

Point is, 400k may be enough to cover development costs and make a bit of profit but not to salvage the game and even less so to cover the free money and marketing Sony used to give to Square

The latest numbers for Hogwarts are from January, at which point the Switch version had only been out for less than two and half months. To make judgements about its lifetime sales from just two and a half months is silly, especially when it's off to a strong start with the third biggest Switch opening of 2023 and has shown good legs since.

FF7 on Switch 2 would almost certainly be a million seller, possibly multiple millions; most of which would be pure profit as porting is vastly cheaper than actually making a game. For a game that's failing to meet its sales projections, that's a much needed boost.

It would sell a million fairly easily especially if released in a good window (like launch) ... there's no way FF is less popular among Nintendo fans than something like Dragon's Dogma is, if that sold 1.1 million and is a port of a game from 2013, I mean I think FF7 Remake and Rebirth would do fine. Kingdom Hearts III even as a late port I think would sell 1+ million also. 

Other thing is there's probably going to be more room for 3rd parties on Switch 2 because Nintendo is not likely to be able to keep pumping out new games at the same rate going forward, virtually every publisher has hit up against a wall in production time when they get to PS4 and beyond level visuals. More opportunities for 3rd parties to step in who have plenty of PS4/PS5 content already finished just waiting to be ported over.