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Soundwave said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Evergreen Capcom titles that sell well over 10 million copies moving 1 million copies on Switch should not be an indicative on how FF will sell

Rebirth is having trouble selling 1.75 million on PS5 (half of what remake did)

It's totally not selling 1 million on Switch. I'll be surprised if it sells half of that

But these aren't 10 million sellers really. 

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen sold 2.4 million on PS4 + XB1 and another 1.1 million on Switch, so Switch is 30% of the sales between the 3 platforms

Resident Evil 6 re-release port sold 3 million on PS4 + XB1 (released in 2016) and another 1 million on Switch (released in 2019), now also understand the Switch version came out 3 years after the PS4/XB1 ports, and we are also talking about a 2012 game releasing on Switch all the way in 2019. 

1 million is really not much on Switch, there are tons of Switch 3rd party games crossing 1 million+ all the time.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has sold 2.9 million, probably not a stretch to suggest 1 million of that would be from the Switch. 

I believe Resident Evil Revelations Collection also sold 1.4 million copies on Switch and that isn't a 10 million seller either. 

I don't think it will do that overnight, but with time I think it would get to 1 million. The Switch moves a ton of software, there's lots of 3rd party games making good money on it and selling slowly but surely as every month goes on. 

They have no choice anyway, because if Square does not build a bigger net for the FF7 Remake series ... it means FF7 Remake Part III is going to sell even less than Rebirth because you're not going to get 100% of the people from the PS5 to buy Part III. There will be some drop off. You need customers from other platforms to hop on board the saga and give you a bigger base to build from. 

You know what sucks worse than only 1.75-2 million in initial sales? Even less than that for FF7 Remake Part III. 

If you are talking about Darken Arise it also sold an additional 3.9 million copies with its PS3/X360 version. The version that came to PS4/XBONE was 4 years old already 

The same point holds true for RE 6, over 9 million sold on PS3/X360

You're comparing Switch port sales with PS4/Xbone port sales. Those games were also old when they came to last gen consoles (RE6 was 4 years old), granted, Switch version came 3 years later the porcentage keeps heavily favoring Sony and MS version 

Switch notably have much higher percentages from third party for IPs that are historically present in Nintendo platforms, notably Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest. But games heavily associated to Playstation are likely to keep much higher sales percentage on Playstation, which is why I think 400k is the ceiling for Rebirth on Switch 2 if it's ever get a release 

Regardless, I agree Square needs to go multiplat even if it's just because Sony is no longer buying exclusivity, but this will not increase Final Fantasy sales substantially