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cycycychris said:

Interesting part from this announcement is below:

"By welcoming Shiver’s experienced and accomplished development team, Nintendo aims to secure high-level resources for porting and developing software titles. Going forward, even after it becomes a part of the Nintendo group, Shiver’s focus will remain the same, continuing commissions that port and develop software for multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch."

I think that the statement that says they will continue commissions that port and develop software on multiple platforms is meaning that they have existing contracts that they will need to fulfill before Nintendo can use them. What I don't totally know is it is also referring to continuing commissioned work post those contracts. As it also says developing software.

I think the most obvious future for this studio is for them to become a in-house port studio of big 3rd party IP's. Think GTA and such level. This will ensure Switch 2 gets those titles and will allow the developer of those games free up resources and take less risks on the Nintendo version.

Ultimately this is not a game changing addition for Nintendo, this company is about 25 people. I do think Nintendo may increase that number over the next 2 years or so to try and get like 3 or so port teams active there. But that is all to be seen. Ultimate I think this is a smart move whether this team will be porting/remaster Nintendo games, becoming a support studio, or porting third party titles.

I hope this means that Nintendo might be buying some more of Embracer studios.

In the context of the coming generation, the purchase makes a lot of sense, albeit I do not think Nintendo will actually go out of their way for any acquisitions of the sort in the near future now. They'd most prefer to expand Shiver as you said earlier to make them work on more than 1 project at a time than acquiring another studio for the same purpose.

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