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Kyuu said:
Chrkeller said:

All I can tell you is I'm a PC gamer and gave up PS.  I would happily get remake but not at $70, it should be $50 at most.  I would also get rebirth and 16, but not at $70.  If Square wants top dollar then day 1 and an excellent port is mandatory.  Year old lazy ports should be $40.  

You think I'm just a one off?  Because I suspect there are many just like me. 

Timed exclusivity and the $70 pricetag might play a very minor role in why FF isn't doing well these days. But they are far from the main reasons. All notable Sony games including Days Gone sell better on a single platform than recent FF on PS and PC combined, with some 4 or 5 times better.

JRPGs have limited popularity and are associated with weebs. FF is no longer the cool console defining shit, and it'll take a miracle to get it in the 20 million+ league.

I loved Rebirth. It's easily a contender for best combat system of all time imo, and it has a lot more going for it than just combat, so I'm not pleased at all that it's underperforming. But sometimes great games won't sell gangbusters. This genre itself has a limited appeal, and to top it off, Rebirth is a fragemented sequel to a fragmented remake.

I could be wrong but I still think something like FF16 could push an extra 2-3 million on PC via day 1 release, standard PC pricing and with good performance.  Maybe I'm wrong but I think the audience is there.

Plus splitting FF7 into 3 separate games was a God awful decision.  Square needed to cut all the nonsense fluff and at most make it 2 games. 

Square just needs to be smarter with PC folk.  I mean Triangle Strategy for $60....  😆 


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