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TeachMeHisty said:
curl-6 said:

As for FF7, it would almost certainly do more than 300-400k. Nintendo has cultivated an audience that loves JRPGs.

Probably, yes.

Question is... how much do they need? After all, sales numbers alone are insufficient for these kinds of questions.

There is only one comparison that makes sense:

Present value of: Profits made or intended to be made from sales (a) compared to the company's opportunity costs (b)

if a > b then the port is a financial success and will most likely lead to more ports or simultanous releases.

if b < a then the port is a financial loss, even if profitable and will likely affect future releases negatively.

And another interesting question would be, how does porting a game impact the sales-mix?

As in: how many new customers did it attract vs. how many existing customers merely switched the system they play the game on.

Ports don't need to sell that much to turn a profit since the game is already made. We've seen Switch ports turn in a few hundred k and then go on to receive further ports from the same series/company which suggests they found the profits worth it.

Heck, if ambitious Switch ports weren't worth it financially, we wouldn't still be getting them in the system's 8th year.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 21 May 2024