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Chrkeller said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Integrade is a PS5 upgrade with additional content. The additional 10 USD is less than what Playstation players paid to play it 

It was not an old game either. It was only one year old

A ps4 port with a bit better graphics.  And it is $10 more than Forbidden West Complete Edition...  

We may have to agree to disagree.  I can't rightfully say Square has good Steam strategy.  Waiting a year and charging more than others isn't how to build a fanbase.  

And it doesn't matter what PS users paid.  PC is about good pricing.  $70 is high for PC..... especially for an old game.  

If 10 USD was such a deal-breaker for PC gamers then Persona 3 Reloaded would not have break its all time launch debut. It's also a PS4 game and you can go as far as saying it has PS3 graphics 

FF VII sold poorly because PC gamers don't care for single player Final Fantasy 

XV was open world and released 2 years after PS4 release and for many PC gamers their first Final Fantasy, that's why it sold decent number's. But PC gamers who never played the original VII don't have the same emotional attachment for Remake, hence why the sales declined so much