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Soundwave said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Launch date is by no means a reason for such lower sales. 70 USD is the default price for AAA games and Square games rarely go on sale. The truth is the pool of people interested in FF outside Playstation is simply not big. If they were people would have been buying FF VII

I think even as is FF7 Rebirth for example could sell 2 million combined on the Switch 2 + PC + whatever gravy on the sinking XBox (they still probably can get some $$$ from MS for Game Pass down the line). 

Now that may not initially seem like a huge number, but when the game has probably struggling to even get to 3 million on the PS5, going from 2.9 LTD on PS5 to 4.9 million LTD with S2 + PC + XBox included ... that makes a pretty large freaking difference to the bottom line. It's not like this is selling 15 million on the PS5 and thus a piddly 1.5 million extra on other platforms is just gravy. 

Actually the context of selling 15 million on Playstation and 1.5 million elsewhere would be much better for Square to get off their exclusivity deals, because it basically means the game was selling so well by itself they don't needed to lock it on Playstation anymore haha

The situation is a bit grimer. Remake sold over 5 million on PS4 alone one year before the PC release. It sold since then additional 2 million copies, although we don't know the split I would bet a 60/40 split favoring the PC release 

While 1 million copies for this game is surely very much welcomed and certainly profitable, it still doesn't seem to follow the pattern of big releases and its a yellow flag of PC gamers not very much interested into the IP. For the context even with 2 years of delay FF XV sold 4 million after the PC release, we also don't know the split but I'm inclined to believe it sold at least twice as much as FF VII Remake. Basically the IP kept its sales stable on Playstation, but showed a significant decline in PC

The big elephant in the room is Rebirth is reportedly selling half of Remake even on Playstation, this is not a yellow, but a red flag. If PC follow suit (and I think it will) it means slightly above half million copies. This is not even close to enough to offset the decrease in sales from PS5, let alone to cover the extra push in cash from Sony in both development and marketing