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burninmylight said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

I believe the wrong way of thinking about current FF situation presumes FF flopping is a Sony/Playstation problem rather than a Square problem. Playstation userbade has been stable and JRPGs still selling the best there. I'll go as far and say FF XVI was saved by Sony timed exclusivity to cover development costs

The debate about FF going multiplat is strange because it presumes FF fandom don't buy Playstation hardware to play FF. The absolute majority of people who wants to play FF will buy a Playstation, it has been the case for the last 20 years

I'm not saying Square is wrong for doing multiplat releases. Being multiplat is a good thing to build a new fandom, since FF fandom is aging

But Every JRPG that experience fandom growth in popularity starts selling better first at Playstation and just then get multiplatform treatment. If the franchise is not growing on PS5 why would it suddenly start growing elsewhere?

Maybe because the PS5 doesn't serve every demographic of players? Some people would prefer the game on a platform with more capable settings, mods and tweakability (PC). Some people would prefer the ability to take the game on the go (Switch). Some people aren't multiplatform owners and would suddenly be interested if it comes to the platform of their choice.

It's not the late 90s and early 2000s anymore. Sony doesn't have a stranglehold on the JRPG market like it used to, and Final Fantasy isn't in a tier of its own that forces player buying habits on its own like it used to.

FF still at its core a story driven single-player gamer. It does not benefit from PC or Switch hardware advantages and the fandom has been always in Playstation. If Final Fantasy was appealing to PC gamers, PC gamers would have been buying Final Fantasy. It's clearly not the case looking at the weak sales of VII Remake 

I already addressed at least twice in this thread Square needs to make the gameplay more appealing to PC demographic if they want to sell substantial amounts on PC. XVI will receive another lukewarm response on PC platforms because it's currently designed with older FF fanbase in mind (read Playstation players)

The way it goes FF will keep flopping and worse: This time without Sony pockets to cover development costs