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BasilZero said:
Mar1217 said:

Nice list going !

I'm currently in my playthrough of DQVI on my 3DS currently. DQV is definitely the gem people hyped it up to be.

Too bad the fourth game didn't have the banter system on the NA version on the DS version ... But yeah, a good adventure nonetheless. I'm sure you'll jam with the Zenithian trilogy 👍

DQ5 on SNES was my first actual DQ game I played but sadly it was during an time/era where I would get to the end or near the end of a game but never finish it (happened with Earthbound, Secret of Mana and DQ5 in the early 2000s , thankfully finished 10+ years later but need to finish DQ5 and SoM lol).

On the SNES ? Did you mean Dragon Warrior V then :P I didn't know there was an English version of the game aside from the PS2,DS/IOS ports knowdays.

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