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BasilZero said:
Mar1217 said:

Courage to you for playing the mobile remake.

I'm not a fan of the artstyle used and I'd much prefer wait to see for DQ3 HD-2D remake and see if we'll get the same treatment for DQ1 and DQ2 instead 

I'm not holding out for SE - especially with the lack of news from them about DQ3 HD-2D - that and the fact that they are re-structuring and cancelled some projects.

This and what happened with FFversusXIII/FFXV irks me lol

But ya I'm open to playing games of various styles (in multiple versions).

I actually have the mobile remakes on iOS as well when I bought them on sale few years ago - the Switch versions go on sale more often and I got them on sale not too long ago.

I'll get to 2 and 3 later on but I plan to play the following versions in the future (unless new versions come out)

DQ2 - NS

DQ3 - NS

DQ4 - DS

DQ5 - DS

DQ6 - DS

DQ7 - 3DS

DQ8 - PS2 (because I already played the 3DS version - I do also have the iOS version)

DQ9 - DS

DQ11 - (Havent decided which one to play....I have them on all platforms..NS, Xbox, PS, and them all on sale for like $12 to $20).

And similar to my PS4/5 library

Only have DQ11 and Builders 2 on Xbox.

Nice list going !

I'm currently in my playthrough of DQVI on my 3DS currently. DQV is definitely the gem people hyped it up to be.

Too bad the fourth game didn't have the banter system on the NA version on the DS version ... But yeah, a good adventure nonetheless. I'm sure you'll jam with the Zenithian trilogy 👍

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