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eddy7eddy said:
Mar1217 said:

Personally, I'm one of the OG's who took the base model in it's first year and at this point is just waiting for the next system since I've stopped playing on handheld mode a while back.

Though our culture of live is quite different from Japan, where I expect most buyers there to be on the move a lot, so the experience from an upgraded screen makes sense if you're either new or already adopted the ecosystem before.

Same, I've had the base model since year one. I was tempted by the V2 and then OLED versions but decided to wait for the next system. After getting a better TV (OLED), I've been playing on it nonstop.

I believe the larger screen on the Switch 2 is going to do wonders for Japanese people. Just Wishing we still got a OLED version if posible.

Welp, it's only on them to decide if they wanna go for the OLED with a two SKU strategy in mind. 

Honestly, I think they'll wait on it of course. Easier to make money off double dippers lol. But also, the OLED model will probably features a small array of ergo changes (maybe a bit Slimer, better battery life, more memory, etc ...)

Anyway, I'll probably be buying myself an OLED TV too for the next generation. Let's see what that hype is all about 

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