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Proxy-Pie said:
jvmkdg said:

How much will this console cost? Nintendo has no history of subsidizing console prices. With these configurations it is almost impossible for it to cost less than 500 dollars. Unless Nintendo wants to lose money on hardware, but like I said they don't usually do that like Sony and Microsoft

Not sure if anyone replied, but they did sell the original 3DS at a loss after the price cut, and if memory serves even the WiiU was sold at a small loss at launch (Don't ask me how lol). But I don't expect this to be the case here.

I'm confused as to why this would be sold at a loss this isn't a steam deck which only sold 2-3 million in 2 years. If the rumored specs are true we are looking at basically a cut down version of a 2050 a gpu released in 2021, I'm sure Nintendo got a sweet deal considering the switch sold 140 million So the chip will be mass produced for nintendo.