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Chrkeller said:
zeldaring said:

The PlayStation 5's GPU is similar to AMD's Radeon RX 6700, which was released in June 2021 at 500$ is basically the equivalent of the ps5 gpu. the switch 2 gpu is similar to a rtx 2050 that released in 2021 and the laptop can be purchased for 450$  how is a mobile gpu that came out in 2021 being in switch 2 In 2025 not dated hardware.

Because a laptop is a heck of a lot bigger than a portable unit like the Deck, Ally or Switch.  The S2 cannot have the same battery and cooling as a laptop.  It isn't realistic to expect a small form factor to have the same GPU as a giant laptop.  It is the reason the S2 won't be a portable series S, because it just isn't realistic given the form factor nature.  Which is fine.  It is a different target audience.  

For a small form factor, a 2050 isn't bad and above that, especially at $400, isn't feasible.  

I don't think the form factor matters that much when Nintendo is making 100 million of they will be getting part dirt cheap. The main issue with switch 2 is that it should have came out in mid 2024 for mid 2025 this will be dated very fast.