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sc94597 said:
zeldaring said:

This would be a very rare occurrence but even then maybe they  don't wanna to do the work to scale it down. In my opinion not releasing switch 2 in late 2023 is a huge mistake. cause everyone that wanted the new big thirdparty games already moved to a new eco system, if you only owned a switch for the past several years you missed on  most of the big third party games.  


The context of the article was about the Sims.

Even the Wii got Sims games in its generation, and the gap between the Wii and PS360 was comparatively larger, in both middleware support and raw performance (example: programmable shader support via the TEV on the Wii was quite different from what one did on the PS360.)

EA doesn't release games on Nintendo platforms largely because of EA's micro-transaction business model making them fall out with Nintendo. 

EA is an outlier but the reason cyberpunk, resident evil 4,  SF6, tekken 8,  final fantasy games, COD and many other big third party games is hardware limitations.