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Azzanation said:
LurkerJ said:

It reads like propaganda because you pre-emptively excluded Nintendo for all the wrongs reasons, this is probably because you know your inaccurate observations are only passable if you get to pick and choose the players you can apply your said observations to. 

While I have not been active online recently, last I checked, Nintendo is a publicly owned company with vicious shareholders like freaking Mohammad Bin Salman.

I know many are trying really hard to set the narrative that this is an industry wide problem when in reality, the biggest company in the world can play by a different set of rules if they want to, just like Nintendo does, but the truth is; this is MS just being MS. 

Now, do I believe that things are being blown out of proportion? Partly, yes, but the lack of "we are listening" tweets and the follow-up podcast by Phil Spencer makes me strongly suspect there is a lot more to come. He may have realised, organically, that he needs to talk less, but the timing is too convenient. Let's watch this space.

Thats where you are wrong. This is an Industry wide problem. Sony also lay off staff and shut down studios, they did so earlier this year. PS and Xbox report to Sony and MS. Nintendo are different because they are publicly owned. They all have shareholders, but Nintendo have more control on the outcome and aren't told how to manage their company by a parent company like PS and Xbox. Thats why Nintendo and Valve continue to dominate with little issue because of that point. 

If Nintendo was under let's say EA, then I would put them in the same situation because you can bet your ass that the parent company will tell Nintendo to shut down studios or lay off staff for that bottom line dollar. Thats the industry we are in, it is controlled by major corporations, and they want a return-on-investment a lot more.  

It's hard to follow your logic, or lack of. 

You say mergers has nothing to do with anything, despite the fact that massive ABK layoffs happened following the merger due to duplicate staff filling similar position. You say mergers has nothing to do with anything, then you go on to say that because ABK and Bethesda are now special cases because they need to report to MS, while Nintendo doesn't have this issue because they're not reporting to a mega-corporation the size of MS? Your words against your words.

You ask us, simply, not to assume Hi-Fi rush was a success because..... you, simply, believe it was a failure, and ask us not to assume otherwise even in the presence of a direct quote from an MS exec praising Hi-Fi rush success? Your words against Aaron's words. 

We've been told repeatedly that being under a mega-corp like MS would lift the financial pressure off and allow for more creative freedom, and how Gamepass success metrics will change the game for titles like HiFi, repeatedly being presented with Phil's gospel: 

Your words against Phil's. 

This is why it all sounds like propaganda and damage control, I never said the things you're asking me to defend, and tbh, no one outside of the xbox fanbase sphere is shocked or surprised or asking for explanations, this is MS's DNA and they're doing what they alway do.

Finally, I am not betting shit, bet your own ass and chill.