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RolStoppable said:
Azzanation said:

Let me be the first to reply. 

Valve make games.

Both Valve and Nintendo dont have parant companies to fill their pockets. Decisions are all internal. Watch it change if one gets brought out.

Capitalism is the problem because the gaming industry has become more corporate now than it was in the 80s and 90s. 

Also, wtf, propaganda? You alright?

I work in a head office with corporate suits, i see and hear the exact same things happen outside of gaming. People just believe gaming is a passion industry where companies make games and dont care about money when its the exact opposite. Its become a moneypit for corpos.

People are starting to see the reality of the industry. Its not a fairyland filled with volunteer workers sacrificing themselves to make games for us. Its filled with paid workers and suits who all act the same way with any other industry.

If you are going to reply to me, address my points instead of repeating the wrong things you said in your original post.

You didn't have a point, that's the problem. You just said it isn't Capitalism its MS. Thats not a point.

If its MS, why did Sony close down London and lay off 900+ employees earlier this year, while being the market leader and laying off staff from a very successful studio in Insomniac? Was that a GamePass issue? Was it a consolidation issue? Was it a MS issue? Or are Sony treated differently?