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This has now came a few hours back but considering it is coming from investigative sources which looked at detailed shipments of parts between manufacturers/shippers(on Famiboards), this most likely what we're gonna see inside the Switch 2.

- 12GB of RAM (Specifically LPDDR5X )

- 256G storage on UFS 3.1

- Microphone built-in the console ?

Looking at a piece of hardware notably stronger than the PS4.

Huuum yeah ... In the eventually that this is proven to be true, I guess it falls under the expectations that I had for the console. RAM wise, it was difficult to think they were gonna go with 16GB or lower than 12GB since this was a known factor of the 239T sku.

The use of UFS 3.1 was also the most likely solution to get much better storage speed without breaking the SSD NVd bank.

Kinda cements my thoughts that the system has no chance to be priced higher than 399$.

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