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smroadkill15 said:
ice said:

Xbox as a whole just needs to go away at this point

This doesn't help the situation. As upsetting as the layoffs and closers are, the vast majority of people who work at Xbox are regular people, like the ones effected by this. Xbox closing would only cause harm, and the people at the top would be more than fine. 

Yeah, I don't want thousands of people losing their jobs. Additionally, I'm pretty sure Nintendo and PlayStation would be emboldened by the closing of Xbox. I'm well aware they do anti-consumer stuff already to a large degree. but it would probably get worse. 

Former Blizzard President Says Closures Hurt Phil Spencer 'as Much as Anyone Else' (

Yeah, bull. Phil might not say the situation is ideal and feel slightly bad, but I doubt he's losing any sleep. 

I don't even know who to replace Phil with. Sarah Bond is already president of Xbox and I don't know if she'll do anything better as head of Microsoft Gaming. 

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