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Hardstuck-Platinum said:
smroadkill15 said:

I'm sorry but this is a lame excuse. No one is forcing you participate in the toxic parts of gaming. These are choices you've made and same with everyone else, including myself. That's not a good reason to want there to be less competition. 

You don't have to participate in it to be affected by it. when starfield came out, I was looking forward to seeing genuine reviews and peoples genuine feelings about it. Yet all that happened was, every reviewer with an "Xbox" in their name gave the game a perfect 10/10 score, and more established reviewers that gave it a more representative score, had a mob of people that were saying they were lying about the game being average just to get clicks. No-one could have a genuine discussion about the actual game and it's features or lack of features, and that effects us all regardless of whether your involved in console wars or not 

You can say the same about any branded game publications out there. Nintendo publications tend to review higher Nintendo games and same with Playstation publications. It's not some unique problem with Xbox. Regardless, majority of critic reviews for the game were positive whether you agree with them or not. I see Sony fanboys and and Nintendo fanboys do the same thing if a game doesn't get a score they agree with.

There can be a civil discussion about Starfield, I've had them before.  In your own words, you haven't even played it, but gave it a 3/10. How is this in anyway productive to having a genuine discussion if you haven't even played the game yourself? Deflating scores is as much of a problem as inflating scores.