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firebush03 said:

Lol that’s about as insane as thinking that Biden was going to enforce a communist state in his first year. (You should rephrase the poll to say “Do you think any of this is actually going to happen?”.)

No. Trump likely won’t even have a strong majority in either of the chambers, so he won’t have the kind of power even a quarter of these things. I won’t deny that the rhetoric has become unhinged on the right, but they will in no way be able to enforce any of this into legislation.

The Supreme Court would never let that happen, as would no Republicans and probably not even one Democrat. Obviously, Joe Biden would never try something like that hypothetically unless some of his handlers wanted it (also highly unlikely)

The US Supreme Court and Congress would allow a semi-fascist, Christian Nationalist, or outright fascist state way before they would allow a communist state. There's no one far-left in the three branches of government that we know of, but there are more right-wingers than left-wingers and at least a dozen far-right figures.

Some of Project 2025 would be blocked if attempted, but I'm pretty sure President Trump and his allies would be able to (I'm striking through what they would be unable to get through or at least not try)...

Mass layoffs of civil servants
Install Trump loyalists
Terminate the Constitution 
Mass deportations
Bomb Mexico
Shoot migrants
Electrify the wall
Reinstate and expand Muslim ban
Ideological screening for immigrants
Revoke certain student visas
End birthright citizenship
10% tariff on all foreign goods
No 'two-state' solution
Withdraw from NATO
Punish hospitals that provide any trans care
Ban any trans care of any kind for minors
Exit Paris Climate Accord
Abolish the EPA
Increase dependence on fossil fuels
Nationwide abortion ban
Punish women for abortions
Abolish Department of Ed
Enforce 'patriotic based education'
Homeless encampments
Institutionalize the mentally ill
Full immunity for police
Employ 'stop and frisk' nationally
Shoot shoplifters
Federal takeover of Democratically led cities
Use National Guard on protests
Use military force on civilians

They will probably try almost all of those and would succeed at around half or more of them. 

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