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Hardstuck-Platinum said:
smroadkill15 said:

You didn't address anything I said so I'll just take it as you not being able to rebuttal. 
The only thing I've done is call you out for your behavior. Only one of us is cheering for the demise of another console to leave the market and create less competition. You're obviously lying about your intentions, or you are so unaware of the thing you say. I guess this is what happens when someone spends too much time on twitter surrounded by this kind of fanboy tribalism. 

The competition is exactly what is creating this tribalism though. If there is no competition, there is no tribalism, there is no war. So yes, absolutely I want their to be an end to the competition. I think the only question is now, when are you going to accept that there is no longer any competition between them? When avowed and Indiana Jones launch on PS day and date? Is that going to be enough for you to be silent and stop responding to all of my posts calling me a console warrior?

When has less competition ever turned out to be better for us? So you are against competition in other markets as well? Wells Fargo should be the only bank available? Apple should be the only phone maker? Toyota should be the only vehicle manufacturer? Should there only be 1 political party and candidate to choose from? You are failing to understand the benefits of competition and why having a choice benefits the consumer. Sony would have never offered Ps+ free games without trying to 1up Xbox Live. Ps3 to ps4 turnaround wouldn't have happened without competition from Xbox. You truly underestimate how cocky and anti-consumer Sony can be without competition. We see glimpse of it time and time again. I wouldn't trust MS being the only console maker because we know they would try to pull some shit like they have tried before. Sony, Nintendo, and MS really only care about 1 thing, and it's not about ending the console war. 

It's laughable you think Sony fanboys would stop being fanboys if Xbox left. We would still see deranged fanboys like Timdoggy or whomever migrate to Playstation and still act like idiots.

I'm not bothered by the idea of Xbox putting their games on more platforms. I think all games should be available on as many platforms as possible. I know this thought riles up the console fanboys but, in the end, it would benefit the consumer and make gaming more about the games.  

Last edited by smroadkill15 - on 06 May 2024