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VersusEvil said:

Well let’s see;

- Is partly responsible for the failure of X1

- Is fully responsible for turning Xbox into a low quality all eggs in one basket Game Pass releasing mess 

- Is fully responsible for the complete collapse of Xbox hardware and failure of the Xbox Series (barely outselling the original Xbox) 

- Is fully responsible for the complete collapse of their most important IP Halo by being hands of with 343

- Buys Zenimax and goes onto release the worst received Arkane and Bethesda games ever

- Buys AKB and goes onto release the worst received COD game ever

- Constant bullshit about constant game releases but has 30+ studios that aren’t releasing anything

- Will go down in Xbox history as the man who made Xbox a third party developer and at the same time. Completely. Irrelevant. 

So Nha, I say give the man more time I got front row seats in this train wreck and wanna see the cliff approaching. 

That's perhaps the biggest problem right there.

When I started this thread, I was also asking if he should go for quality's sake. Several people are factually pointing out that Microsoft Gaming is making an ungodly amount of revenue. PlayStation is making a lot of revenue as well, and I was glad to see Jim Ryan go and hopefully some others like him change course.

Microsoft Gaming could make $30 billion a year in revenue, but if I think someone else can help steer the ship for better products that make less money, I will pick higher quality as a fan. 

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