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Banshee on Max. Pretty fun though a bit surface level. Frantic actions scenes, heists that involve Ukranian gangsters, a criminal pretending to be a sheriff, and a former drag queen, Amish, Native American and Neo Nazi militants, raunchy sex scenes.. List goes on. Rarely a dull moment to be had haha. Almost feels more like a video game more than a TV show at times, but as (obviously) a gamer as well, I enjoy that aspect.

Watching Peaky Blinders with the family. Apparently based on a real English gang in Britain circa 100 years ago. Kinda cool to see the dynamic and clashing between the Blinders and rival gangs, plus British police, Irish separatists, Commies, Italian and Jewish mafias, and just the general gritty, socialpolitical turmoil of that period. Being a History major I find it interesting as this is an area I never knew much about. Lacking in the action dept. but more a crime drama. Staging, atomsphere, and acting is great as is much of the dialogue.


"We hold these truths to be self-evident - all men and women created by the, go-you know.. you know the thing!" - Joe Biden