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curl-6 said:
pokoko said:

Those aren't the ones trying to get it cancelled, though.  It's a different group entirely.  

I know it's the left rather than the right who's crying about it, but to me it's still the same repressive nonsense, just now wearing a different hat. 

Cancel culture and repression are trash regardless of whether it's being pushed by conservatives or leftists.


I'm a little on the fence with this game. Looks kind of cool, but is it too hard for me? Is it a soulslike? I'm not into soulslikes, they just frustrate me with the repetition. I'm not good at precision dodging and parrying, so there needs to be some room for error and simple fun.

At least there seems to be a coherent plot and narrative to drive the whole thing, instead of some vague gobbledygook.