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Pemalite said:

Halo as an I.P (And this likely resonates with a ton of people) is at a low point I feel.

* Halo 5 was devoid of content and features and average visuals.
* Halo Infinite was devoid of content, features with average visuals.
* Halo Wars 2 multiplayer pretty much imploded a week after release.
* Spartan Strike never had an Xbox release.
* Halo Master Chief Collection was a technical mess for a few years after release.
* TV series is mixed. Some good cinematography and enjoying the story, but hate how they "humanised" the Chief, complete with nudity and the chief spending more time outside of his armor, than in.

I would like some more "smaller" and focused experiences, just like how ODST brought us Firefight, but the price needs to match.
Big empty worlds with big budgets like Halo Infinite just doesn't interest me anymore.

Dude, you just explained every Halo fan's thought very matter of fact!!!!