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Paatar said:
KManX89 said:

A plant that has never killed anyone and actually has medical benefits should of course be legal.

And it’s a FACT that it’s no worse than cigarettes and booze. You don’t really hear about people getting in fights, liver failure, COPD or sidesmoke deaths after smoking a joint/bong, do you?

I will repeat again, I don’t think the argument for the legality of anything should be ‘this is legal so this should be’

Im not claiming against any of the stuff you’re projecting. So stop please. 

"This is legal so this should be" is actually one of the major differences between common law systems and civil law systems. Since most societies have accepted alcohol, which has a demonstrably more negative impact on society, arguments against legal marijuana come off as arbitrary (at best). 

Last edited by SanAndreasX - on 17 April 2024